A series of ongoing paintings and drawings using candy in particular ways.

Una serie de cuadros y dibujos usando caramelos en modos muy particulares.

Sweet Torero. Acuarela. 100x70cm.
Majestic Sweetness. Watercolour, acrylic and ink on paper. 141x180cm
A Mexican female skull enveloped in candy. Watercolour, acrylic and ink on paper. 114x97cm
Melted ocean. Watercolour on paper. 130 x 150 cm
Facets of a fold. Watercolour on paper. 95 x 115 cm

In Eye Candy, artist Alfonso Aguirre creates intricate and delicate watercolours on paper using candy shapes and colours as a medium to explore the excessiveness of our time. 

The masters of old painted the beauty surrounding them. They excelled at transcending the beauty of a ball of fruits or even a simple orange to create pieces of art that outlived them and became part of humanity’s memory. In his work, artist Alfonso Aguirre is witnessing the reality of the twenty first century. A reality of mass production and soulless repetition in a world of manufactured delight, decadence and excess. The balls of fruits have been replaced by bags of candy. Sugar is everywhere. It is our new reality. We overfeed ourselves blinded by the addictiveness of the sugar and the beauty of its colouring. Alfonso Aguirre revisits this mass produced candy by delicately painting each one individually, transcending reality. 

With the Bullfighters, Alfonso Aguirre combined two opposing forces by depicting Bullfighter’s outfit with children’s candy. The attractiveness and innate violence of the former and the innocence of the latter, are there to engage the spectator in a conversation about this controversial, some say retrograde, Spanish tradition. The brave and brutal men are faceless, dehumanized… They’ve become an object to consume. 

In his more abstract work, Alfonso Aguirre is using the candy to explore the innate architecture of paintings. He is using real object as an abstract gesture, playing with the format, composition and flow through lines to create tension and movement. Every line is purposefully drawn, every angle, every shadow. Like the Masters of old, Alfonso Aguirre works on the artistry of the painting, on its form, its tension and its movements. The interior architecture.

The unhealthiness, attractiveness and decadence of the candy which delights us with its rich colours is also rotten at the core. Alfonso Aguirre plays with these concepts in works of art that are dazzling by their beauty and grace.