In his wine paintings of bullfighters, Alfonso Aguirre delves into the artistry and the sophistication of those meticulously intricate outfits which are destined to be stained by the blood of the the bulls. He uses manipulated red wine sediment to create an array of monochromatic paint which makes every piece of artwork different in tone and colour.

The repetitive process also plays a major role in the image and the process of making each piece. Deep colours in wine are made by the reiteration of the same jesture over and over again. It is a continuation of the process by which wine is made. This process also adds new life to the sediment after Its use in winemaking.

El traje de la vid. Vino Tinto sobre papel. 119x170cm

In El traje de la vid , above. There is a bullfighter that does not exist. He has no identity. He is an amalgamation of more than 6 photographs of bullfighters. The image was stripped of all decorations and replaced by my own wine based imagery. Made with the discarded sediment or remnants of great Spanish wine.

Plaza de Toros de las Ventas. Momento de la Muerte. 100x81cm
The weight of repetition. Red wine on paper. 145x300cm
Homer´s Ocean. Wine on paper. 116x131cm

Homer´s Ocean was inspired by reading The Odyssey and its description of the ocean´s colour.